When Does Life Begin?


When Talking with Pro-Choicers… Pull Out a SLED!

By: Rebecca Pimentel What Do You Say When Someone Admits the Preborn are Human but Still Accepts Abortion? When discussing abortion it is important for the conversation to always come back to the main question,… Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself Abortion Won’t End

By: Grace Daigler On Monday, September 16th, Kristan Hawkins, the Director of Students for Life of America came to Franciscan University to emphasize the importance of the advocacy of the youth in the… Continue reading

How to Discuss Abortion while Keeping Your Head

By: Anthony Rivera “It’s my body…” You have probably heard a range of arguments used in defense of abortion, from “I personally wouldn’t, but a woman should be able to choose for herself,”… Continue reading

The Unborn and Toddlers: What’s the Big Difference?

By: Sarah Flickinger “A bit of tissue.” That is how some people view the unborn. That is also the justification for many abortions. However, would those same people propose killing toddlers? Of course… Continue reading

Understanding Our Pro-Choice Audience

By: Molly Sheahan When Was the Last Time You Asked Someone, “What do you think about abortion?” Oftentimes, we get so wrapped up in our own views that we fail to find out… Continue reading