The Unborn and Toddlers: What’s the Big Difference?

By: Sarah Flickinger
Copyright: Students for Life

Copyright: Students for Life

“A bit of tissue.”

That is how some people view the unborn. That is also the justification for many abortions. However, would those same people propose killing toddlers? Of course not. Why? Because toddlers are viewed as more than “a bit of tissue.” However, it is a medical fact that toddlers and the unborn have remarkable similarities in their development. Let me illustrate. Both toddlers and the unborn have

  • Functional body organs, including breathing and digesting
  • Functional auditory and visual sensations
  • Functional vocal chords
  • The ability to grasp objects

Also, both toddlers and the unborn do not have the following:

  • Fully developed motor skills (i.e. movement coordination)
  • Fully developed balance
  • Fully developed nervous systems (not until at least age 20)

Here are some notable milestones in the unborn’s development:

  • 3 weeks – the heart beats
  • 4 weeks – the limbs, nervous system, and digestive system are formed
  • 7-8 weeks – the unborn begins to move
  • 12 weeks – the unborn’s sex can be determined via ultrasound
  • 22 weeks – the unborn has all the abilities necessary to survive outside the womb
Those bright baby eyes are working from before 20 weeks gestation. Yet even at the toddler stage, they are not fully developed. All body organs work while the fetus is still in the womb. But development continues through many years. Not all body systems are fully developed even in toddlers. The brain does not finish developing until a person is in his twenties! The remarkable similarities between the unborn and toddlers indicate that abortion is not justifiable on biological grounds. At least, not unless everyone agrees that toddlers should be able to be aborted too. And I think we can agree that that’s just unthinkable.