Why You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself Abortion Won’t End


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By: Grace Daigler

On Monday, September 16th, Kristan Hawkins, the Director of Students for Life of America came to Franciscan University to emphasize the importance of the advocacy of the youth in the pro-life movement. In every large social movement, it is the youth who are the driving force behind grassroots change. When we talk, people listen. When we get together in an organized way, adults see the momentum we started and will later jump onto the cause. Kristan explained that Sarah Weddington, a 20-something year old student lawyer, argued Roe v. Wade into law, and now we have reason for hope because the 20-somethings of America are rejecting abortion in a big way. There has been a huge shift in the last ten years which can be seen in every poll taken on abortion—for the first time since Roe, this generation has a higher percentage of people who believe that abortion is wrong, and the generation of high school students behind us is even more self-proclaimed pro-life than the college students. Three fourths of the March for Life is populated by people under 25 years old, and when Nancy Keenan, the former director of NARAL/Pro-Choice America resigned in 2012, she did so citing the lack of pro-choice youth leadership.

One of the key points that Kristan stressed is that we cannot set ourselves up for failure by expecting to lose. Many times in the pro-life movement we pat courageous individuals on the head and tell them that their goals are great but we will never see the overturning of legalized abortion anytime soon. We need to start envisioning what America will look like without legal abortion and plan for that day so we are prepared to give social justice to the women in need. If we do not believe what we are fighting for is possible and create achievable goals, we will not achieve it. Kristan gave us some of these goals in her talk. When we talk about abortion, we need to talk about the end.

The truth is that the tide is turning—the climate for change is forming. People are becoming more aware of the science of pre-born development. On the state level, we are passing pro-life legislation faster than ever before. 43 surgical abortion facilities have shut down this year, and counting, while crisis pregnancy centers are going up and getting more organized. Hundreds of pro-life student organizations have been created in the last seven years—there are now more pro-life student groups in the US than there are abortion facilities. 40 Days for Life has revolutionized the adult pro-life movement. One more key sign that the abortion industry is failing—this January Planned Parenthood, the ringleader of the abortion industry, announced that they are no longer going to use the term, “pro-choice.” Why? It is too associated with the term, “abortion,” and abortion is just not polling well anymore. The Abortion Goliath does not want to talk about abortion, because when they do, their popularity goes down, and they know it. So we must be the annoying person who does.

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