Equipped to Engage

Equipped to Engage is a ministry by Students for Life at Franciscan University started in Fall 2013.

The mission of Equipped to Engage is to train Franciscan University leaders to be well-equipped to discuss their pro-life beliefs, and to use this training to actively engage in discussion with individuals so as to change hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. The group seeks to accomplish this by:

  1. Providing students with the tools and training to dialogue effectively on the issue of abortion
  2. Providing opportunities to put their training into practice

Equipped to Engage is a meant to train for and facilitate dialogue as distinguished from debate. It is to be approached as a work of mercy as we instruct the ignorant, counsel the doubtful, and comfort the afflicted who struggle to understand the meaning of the dignity of the human person from conception.

What We Seek to Accomplish:

  • Develop a strong team of leaders committed to becoming effective, well-spoken ambassadors for life
  • Hold consistent weekly meetings to learn and practice conversational role-plays and to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet Sundays 1:00-2:15PM
  • Hold works of mercy events regularly
    • Develop a well-managed website or blog featuring Franciscan students’ discussions and “how-to” trainings—Each member is expected to contribute time to the generation of original material in the form of educational videos, written guides, and/or social media graphics for use by our campus and the pro-life community
    • Occasional in-person outreaches in public venues


After 40 years of legalized abortion in America, many people have been harmed by abortion’s effects or desensitized to its meaning. They have fallen victim to the Culture of Death. There is a strong need for young ambassadors for life to bring truth and light into this atmosphere.

  • There is a need for young people, particularly the leaders of our generation, to not only be personally pro-life, but to know how to defend their abortion beliefs and actively engage in dialogue on this issue.
  • Pro-life apologetics is a mysterious process to even many who are already pro-life. The process needs to be presented to students in a way that is simple and hands-on, empowering them with the knowledge that they are capable of changing hearts and minds. Such tools exist and it would be a disservice to our students not to introduce them.
  • As of now, there have been a few apologetics training sessions on campus, but students feel there has been little opportunity to put what they have learned into action.
  • Franciscan University is known as a campus that graduates Catholic leaders. It should also be known as a campus that graduates pro-life leaders equipped to engage the culture.
  • Many students on campus, including those in Students for Life, have strong pro-life convictions but lack information on how to discuss their beliefs with a secular, pro-choice audience.
  • There is already an existing Students for Life group on campus. While the ministry at hand is complex and separate enough to devote additional group time to and is expected to attract a separate group of students, Students for Life members do not want to create a false dichotomy between prayerful service and activism. For this reason they have chosen to have separate apologetics group meetings while remaining under the official umbrella of Students for Life.